Meaning of the Name of the Most Common Types of Italian Pasta: What Does Spaghetti Mean? What are the Origins of Lasagna?

Pasta 2006 2

Despite we have documents that describe different kinds of pasta used during the Roman Empire, the term "pasta" was officially recognised in 1154 due to the discovery of a Sicilian recipe in which, for the first time, this word is ever mentioned. At the moment in Italy are recognised 310 different kinds of pasta and, to make things more complicated, the same kind of pasta may be called in different ways according to the local slang (the Cavatelli for example, a typical Napolitan pasta, has 28 different local slang names).

Let's discover the meaning behind the names of some of the most common kind of Italian pasta that you can find in almost every supermarket and restaurant on this planet. At the end of this article, you will also find the strangest and the most unusual names of pasta and the reasons behind their names. 

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Star Sign, Wine & Food: How the Stars Influence What We Eat & Drink

bonny vita star signs wine and food

According to the Webster-Merrian dictionary, Astrology is defined as "the study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets have a supposed influence on events and on the lives and behavior of people; the divination of the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects"

We can easily understand that, if we believe in how Astrology defines us according to our star sign, the planets and the constellation we were born under have a total influence on our mood, our skills, our personality, our future and on our choices. Among these influences, of course, we can include what we eat and drink and even how we eat. Let's see what the stars say about us and our food preferences!

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20 dishes that will really test your guts

In my previous post I described some foods that can kill you if not eaten/cooked properly. With this post, instead, I'm going to introduce to you some dishes that, for different reasons, might be considered disgusting for most of us. Here below you will find meals prepared with bats, blood, worms and other animals or ingredients that you did not know was possible to eat.

Please note: some description and pics might be too much for some of you (the content is especially not suitable for vegetarians or vegans). 

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Italian Bread: 1000 Different Varieties

Italian bread


During my last dinner at Malmaison Hotel in Aberdeen, I was very happy to find on the menu the Pane di Altamura (the bread from Altamura), a small town located in Puglia: in my honest opinion one of the best bread we have in Italy. However, it is a huge challenge to find the best Italian bread because, as the title says, there are 250 different kind of bread for a total of 1000 varieties! Let's do a wee travel from the North to the South of Italy to explain to you why we have so many different breads. 

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Whisky and Truffles? Och Aye!


Bonny Vita Whisky and Meat

Since we created Bonny Vita, I always tried to pair our truffles with the British, especially Scottish, cuisine and we found that the combination between whisky and truffles is incredible. During our tasting events with Balvenie, Gledfidditch and Glenmorangie brand ambassadors, we found the following amazing combinations that you can use as general rule (to be used especially if the food you are about to eat is cheese) 

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Truffle Hunting in Italy: Do We Use Pigs or Dogs?

Bonny Vita truffle hunting


“Do you still use pigs to find truffles?"

This is a recurring question I am asked by the public every time I have a food fair or a food event. It seems that the use of pigs in truffle hunting, is very common in the collective. Well, according to the Italian laws, the use of pigs is forbidden since 1985. Before this year it was very common to use pigs (they don't need specific training) rather than dogs to find truffles, especially in the North of Italy. The reason of this law is very simple: pigs destroy the environment and truffles are very sensitive to environmental changes.

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Black Summer Truffle: When To Buy It?

In the last period (March and April, 2015) I found a lot of websites that sell black summer truffles, aka "Scorzone" (in English means: The Big Skin, or The Big Peel). According to the truffle calendar released every year by the local councils, this truffle can be harvested from May and July (every local council has a unique local calendar) to late September. This means that the black summer truffles you could actually buy from Italy are "out of season" and, thefore, they are totally ripe (not mentioning that it is also illegal to harvest them out of the period established by law).  

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Fresh Truffles And Wine: How To Pair Them?

Bonny Vita truffle troutToday we talk about wine and truffles and how to pair them.

As usual, everything depends on what kind of truffles you are about to taste and with what they are being served with. You will find that some of the world’s great restaurants and their sommeliers will advocate both whites and reds with either white or black truffles depending on the dish.

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