This is mio padre, Sandro Loretucci, also known to us as Il Cingialo (The Boar). Not because he is particularly hairy or aggressive, but because he is wily and experienced hunter of the wild variety that roam the hills around Norcia and Rome, sniffing out our truffles (for they appreciate them as much as we do).

My dad doesn't merely do this as a hobby however, he is a skilled 'Artigiani Norcini' an artisanal butcher who will cut, prepare and cure the meat of the boar and pigs and other game to create small sausages packed full of flavour, fine grained prosciutto and rich, melt in the mouth, fat-flecked salumi. The town of Norcia was the original home of these specialist butchers since Roman times, who would become so adept at precision knife work, that they would later use those talents and physiological knowledge on humans to become skilled early surgeons.

We will be introducing a full range of charcuterie later in the year, selected by ourselves and my dad, not just for superior taste and quality, but for their uniqueness to the UK market.