Wild Boar Dried Cured Sausages "Nursinelle" - £12.95 (200g circa)

Bonny Vita Wild Boar Nursinelle Sausages

My father, Sandro, is a skilled Norcino (artisanal pork butcher) who will cut, prepare and cure pork and game meat to produce stunning salumi. The town of Norcia was the original home of these specialist butchers since Roman times, who became so adept at precision knifework they would later use those talents and physiological knowledge on humans to become skilled early surgeons!

These "Nursinelle" (the small sausages from Norcia) are dried cured artisanal wild boar sausages that are prepared according to the tradition and the original recipes of the Town of Norcia that seems to be used since the middle age.

Amazing with cheese and a pint of lager, use in small chunks (like it was pancetta or lardons) to create amazing sauces or to boost your stew or cut them into tiny slices to put them onto your pizza. You’ll find 5 sausages won’t last as long as you wanted it to. 

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