Fresh Truffles




We sell our truffles by weight. Please call or contact to order yours direct and we will find them then send to you packed to keep fresh from Italy via air mail to reach you between 48 and 72 hours. All fresh truffle orders are inspected to meet the highest standard but if you are in anyway dissatisfied please let us know on immediate receipt of goods and we will do replace them.

Truffles grow naturally in different sizes but we won't spoil a truffle by cutting it to better fit the order weight. Instead, if needs be, we will round it up so you get a little extra.

Bonny Vita can also supply and deliver larger quantities of truffles for a competitive price. Just let us know how much you would like for a quote. Orders of 500 grams upwards, will be sent direct to your door from Italy, packed fresh the same day or day after they are found with an ice-pack, via DHL tracked courier at absolutely no cost to you.