Black Truffle Moscato (Tuber moschatum de Ferry var. Brumale) Available from December-March

Moscato- In Italian, Moscato means "musk" because it really recalls the smell of musk once found, but it also means "nutmeg" for its spicy flavour. The Moscato belongs to the family of Tuber brumale. In latin, Brumale means "winter".

Generally smaller in size than the most precious Black Winter Truffle Pregiato / Perigord (Tuber melanosporum Vitt), the Moscato can boast the same dark colouring but the veining is more pronounced and less refined.

It is less fragrant than the Pregiato/Perigord but more musky, with a unique spicy flavour (this is the only truffle that offers this kind of flavour experience for the palate) and with reminiscent, as explained before, of nutmeg. 

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20-25g: £19.95 (delivery included)

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