Pregiato or Perigord - Black Winter Truffle

(Tuber melanosporum Vitt) Available from December-March

pregiatoIt is the most prized black truffle, sought after for its pronounced aroma and superior flavour. The external colour is very dark brown to deep black when fully mature and the interior shade a deep black-violet with very fine and intricate, creamy white veining.

The aroma has been described as strong, heady and 'pleasingly intense' with the flavour more earthy, deep and satisfying than other varieties. The pregiato should not be cooked and instead grated or shaved fresh into olive oil to enjoy pure over crostini, egg pasta and egg dishes in general, red meat and river fish. If you like veggies, we recommend: asparagus, artichokes, potatoes, olives, mushrooms and sweet veggies (pumpkins, cauliflowers, parsnips..).