Uncinato - Black Autumn Truffle

(Tuber uncinatum Vitt.) Available from October-March

uncinatoAt first glance, the Uncinato can be easily confused with the rarer Pregiato, but these truffles have a rougher skin, more irregular shape and lighter brown interior with less contrast of veining.

The aroma is delicate and with subtle flavour hints of vanilla and hazelnut. Fantastic grated into extra virgin olive oil and spread over bruschetta or as a luxury twist to a frittata or poached egg.

For all varieties of black truffles we recommend pairing with red meat or river fish and eggs. If you like veggies, we recommend: asparagus, artichokes, potatoes, olives, mushrooms and sweet veggies (pumpkins, cauliflowers, parsnips..).

To buy this truffle: 

15-20g: £20.95  Ebay Store - Amazon Store

25g + 100 ml Black Truffle oil: £35.95  Ebay Store - Amazon Store