A truffle is a kind of fungus related to a mushroom, that grows underground, nurtured by the soil, water and tree roots. They are hard to the touch and look a bit like a small, knobbly potato with differing colours and texture according to the variety. They’re a bit strange and a little mysterious really; they have no roots themselves, aren’t actually attached to the trees and can appear fully formed overnight. Some ancient cultures thought they were actually a type of animal.

There are different types of truffles, mainly divided into black and white varieties. Edible varieties each have distinctive, strong aromas and pungency with flavour notes that run from hazelnuts, mushroom, very savoury umami and chocolate with black truffles and from garlic, porcini, white pepper and parmesan with white truffles.

According to the ancient tradition, a small pig was used for harvesting. The problem of this method is that pigs adore truffles and have to be restrained to prevent them from eating what they find. In addition, it is not very easy to train them. Today, however, the method is instead to use well-trained dogs. These are not pedigree dogs but usually small crossbreeds.

Different varieties have different flavours that can be resumed as follow:

Black Pregiato: a very strong earthy deep and nutty flavour, a little bit smoky
Black Uncinato: hints of vanilla, chocolate and strong flavour of hazelnut
Black Moscato: the only spicy truffle due to strong hints of nutmeg and wild herbs
Black Scorzone: similar to the Uncinato but with with more delicate and subtle flavours

White Alba: strong hints of garlic and cheese (especially parmesan)
White Bianchetto: Strong hints of garlic and Porcini mushroom

For more details, please read the description that you can find in every dedicated truffle page available in the "Fresh Truffles" section of this website.

It depends how much you purchase. We sell our truffles by weight. Please call or contact to order yours direct and we will find them then send to you packed to keep fresh from Italy via air mail to reach you between 48 and 72 hours. If we have smaller amounts fresh in stock they will be dispatched immediately to reach you the following day. All fresh truffle orders are inspected to meet the highest standard but if you are in anyway dissatisfied please let us know on immediate receipt of goods and we will do replace them.

Truffles grow naturally in different sizes but we won’t spoil a truffle by cutting it to better fit the order weight. Instead, if needs be, we will round it up so you get a little extra.

A good portion size is between 7.5-10g of fresh truffle minimum per person.
  • 15g for 2 people
  • 25g for 3 people
  • 50g for 4 people
  • 75g for 6 people
Fresh truffles should never be cooked and instead shaved or grated over your food just before serving. The steam and heat from your food will aromatise them and bring out the flavour. This method can be used with pasta, risotto and on warmed, meats, vegetables and fish and if you have black truffle oil, use this in conjunction to maximise the flavour. Alternatively, you can grate into some olive oil, add a pinch of salt and enjoy spread over crostini or bruschetta. Although shaving with a truffle shaver or with a fine mandolin will produce aesthetically pleasing discs, grating with a micro-planer or quality grater allows for greater flavour

Every variety of fresh black truffles will keep in the fridge for up to 10 days, ideally wrapped in a Ziploc bag and surrounded in kitchen roll The more delicate white truffle and bianchetto will keep up to 7 days. Truffles will naturally lose moisture (and thus weight) the longer they are kept. In order to keep them dry, please change the kitchen paper everyday to absorb what they shed. Although they will keep for a week, they are at their absolute best the day, or day after you receive them. They can be frozen but will lose some flavour and texture. Please watch this short, instructional video to know more: