About Bonny Vita

Company founder, Francesco Loretucci grew up eating the truffles that his family would harvest from their land in Umbria. The Loretucci's have been involved in truffle hunting and butchery for generations, during which they have developed a wider network of friends and associates in Italy involved in many areas of artisanal food production. Francesco didn't follow the family business at first, but worked instead for a number of Italian luxury brands until he decided to move to Scotland to study for an MBA.

francescoI met him after class when he was talking about how difficult it was to get the fondly remembered regional food of Rome and Umbria here. After a trip home for Christmas, Francesco returned with a gift for his friends at a dinner he had organised, laden with Prosciutto Di Cinghiale, Ciauscolo, Pecorino Umbrio and wonderfully fresh and decadent Pregiato - black perigord truffle. Upon finding out that his father had made the salami and his cousins had dug up the truffle from the family land a few days hence, I proposed he should do that more often...

Bonny Vita was created with the desire to share the fantastic regional foods of Italy that can be hard to find elsewhere. We source artisanal foods from small producers and import our truffles direct from Francesco's family and their known network of 'Trifolao' (truffle hunters) so fresh - we can even tell you the name of the dogs and when they found it.

We are similarly enthused by the quality of natural produce found in my native country, Scotland, and are currently developing a range of premium truffle products that pair the best of both nations larder. In the meantime, our familial and close ties with other producers mean we select carefully and offer only what we think is good enough. Food and family is everything to the Loretuccis and we would like for you, your guests, friends and customers to join us at our table.

Bonny Appetito,

Ian McKenzie and Francesco Loretucci, founders of Bonny Vita.