Sicilian Pistachio Pesto - £9.50

image017The savoury counterpoint to the sweet pistachio cream; this versatile, nutty pesto is a completely natural product boasting a generous 80% of Sicilian pistachio nuts, sunflower oil and salt and pepper - that's it, no preservatives, colourings or filler. Please click here to know more about the amazing properties of this kind of unique pistachio: Pistachio di Bronte general info

This can be paired simply with pasta, as a companion to meat or fish, as a luxury sandwich filling or spread on a pizza and used in baking. Not as sharp a taste as regular pesto, its sweeter, more subtle flavour and creamier character can be made more savoury by the addition of pancetta or lightly sweetened with a touch of honey. Can also be blended to create new flavours by mixing with a creamy ricotta salata or swirled into spicy chilli sauce.

Weight: 190gr
Suitable for vegans

Allergens information:
Contains nuts (pistachio)

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