Sweet Sicilian Pistachio Cream - £9.50

image015Those that have indulged in this vibrant green pistachio spread containing a rich 30% of Sicilian pistachio, simply can't get enough. It has been described as 'Nutella for adults' 'utterly addictive' and even 'dangerously good'. Have it for breakfast on a piece of toast or use it as a baking ingredient (we recommend to use it to create a pistachio cheesecake, cannoli or chocolate and pistachio brownies) add to ice cream & crepes or simply snap a quality dark chocolate into shards for dipping straight into it. Whichever way you have it, you'll find one jar won't last as long as you wanted it to.

Please click here to have more information about the unique characteristics of this Pistachio: Pistachio di Bronte general info


Weight: 190gr

Allergens information:
Contains nuts (pistachio) and dairy




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