Truffle Products

Due to their seasonality, we can't enjoy fresh truffles all year round. Instead, some truffles are taken when they are found and utilised in a variety of ways to create products that can then be enjoyed throughout the year. From a few teaspoons of utterly umami black truffle sauce mixed simply with pasta to a sprinkling of wonderfully pungent Perigord salt on the mornings eggs, we have chosen a range of specially selected truffle comestibles that can offer a delicious truffle hit, both sensationally savoury and sweet, that will complement your food and impress guests.

Bonny Vita are proud to offer different truffle products that are completely natural, something that is very very rare in the UK. This means no chemical compounds or artificial aromas are added to our products. Furthermore, these products contain 15% of truffle content: the highest quantity at the moment available in the UK market. With these unique products you taste the truffle flavour as it should be!

These products are: White Truffle Salsa Reale,  White Truffle Butter and Summer Black Truffle Salsa

Bonny Vita, furthermore, offer only truffle products that have been awarded the 100% Made in Italy Seal. This means that all the truffle products that you buy under the Bonny Vita brand, or selected by Bonny Vita, are:

1. Entirely made in Italy
2. Made with Italian components only
3. Made with top quality materials
4. Made according to the typical Italian craftsmanship and tradition

This really means that with our products you have a true taste of Italy!