Black Winter Truffle Artichoke Cream (80g) - £11.50

Bonny Vita Black Truffle Artichoke Cream


This amazing black truffle artichoke cream/salsa offers endless excuses to delight your palate. The black winter truffle flavour enriches the cream giving him a unique taste that is great if paired with red meat (especially lamb or pancetta!) or vegetables. Try it on bruschetta or crostini, use it to make an amazing pasta (especially gnocchi) or just add a couple of spoons of this cream to your stew for an authentic taste of Italy. 

Our personal recommendations: to be tried with any potato or egg dish but, above all, absolutely amazing with cuttlefish!
Bonny Vita, furthermore, offer only truffle products that have been awarded the 100% Made in Italy Seal. This means that all the truffle products that you buy under the Bonny Vita brand, or selected by Bonny Vita, are:

1. Entirely made in Italy

2. Made with Italian components only

3. Made with top quality materials

4. Made according to the typical Italian craftsmanship and tradition

This really means that with our products you have a true taste of Italy

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