White Truffle Oils

image023image025Fruity and golden extra virgin olive oil is infused with the flavours of white truffle to create a very aromatic, yet punchy white truffle oil with characteristics of garlic and parmesan.

Perfect drizzled onto pasta, blended into risotto, shaken onto salads and used with asparagus, artichokes, chicken, potatoes, beef, tuna and white fish. This is finishing oil where a little goes a very long way; you don't need much to transform an ordinary dish into something a little more special.

While many other truffle oils are comprised of lacklustre olive oil and barely there tasting truffle flavour, this product offers a well rounded and fruity extra virgin olive oil with the unmistakable, savoury and slightly spicy tang of white truffle. This is a high grade truffle oil to be savoured in a restaurant or at home. Available in 40 and 100ml for domestic consumers and in 250 or 1000ml for catering and restaurants.

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