White Truffle Salsa ‘Reale’ Naturale - £12.50 (15% of truffle content)

image009Alba, the world's most expensive truffle, plus white spring truffle are combined with Italian dairy cream and sharp Italian cheese, to create a wonderfully rich sauce that delivers an umami hit of savoury pleasure. Use when you want to wow with a risotto or pasta, eggs, blend with creamy mash potato, stew, soups or simply spread for rather indulgent cheese and crackers or onto any kind of white meat or sea fish.

The 'Reale' is considered the king of truffle sauces in not just using the rare Alba truffle, but upping the content of that and the white spring truffle to comprise a generous 15% of this completely natural sauce which simply does not need any added aroma.

3% of Tuber magnatum Pico (Alba truffle)
12% of Tuber borchii Vitt. (Bianchetto or Spring truffle)

No aroma

Contains dairy: Not Suitable for vegans

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